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The Prediabetes Nutritionist

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Your prediabetes & weight management registered nutritionist

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I have helped many women improve their relationship with food and cultivate healthy eating habits to lower their blood sugar, lose weight, improve fitness, and boost their energy and self-confidence.

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The Client Process

how it works

We go through a defined three-step process to ensure you get the best out of our programmes. Have more questions? 


Lifestyle Assessment Call

We’ll learn more about you then uncover the mistakes keeping you stuck and develop your personalised game plan. 


Nutrition and Medical Checks

We’ll determine your current health status with questionnaires, nutrition assessments and blood tests.


Implement your programme

Based on your lifestyle and blood test results, we will develop and support you to implement a tailored programme that delivers your health goals. 

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I've helped many women cultivate healthy lifestyle habits to manage their weight and rebalance their hormones

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