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The Prediabetes Nutritionist

It’s lovely to meet you!

Hi, I'm Dr Somi Igbene, and I love supporting women to cultivate healthy eating and lifestyle habits to regain their health and self-confidence.

Supporting women to cultivate healthy eating habits to rebalance their hormones, maintain a healthy weight and boost self-confidence!

What’s Behind the Brand

Somi's Mission

I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve their nutrition and wellness goals. I empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to change your mindset and cultivate sustainable, healthy habits. I’ve been honoured to help many women lose weight, rebalance their hormones and lower their blood sugar. I can help you too. 

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A Few Facts

Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition

Multiple clients reporting dramatic health improvements

More than 50% of New business is Referred from happy clients


What I’m most proud of in business

Getting most of my clients via referrals from past clients.


Favorite Food

Basmati rice, chicken, peas and broccoli


My Guilty Pleasure

Coffee and a glass of rose wine.





when i’m not talking about nutrition

You’ll find me playing with my family, reading a book, crotcheting or listening to music.



Personalised Care

no restriction

behaviour change focused

Health at every size

My Background

I studied biomedical Sciences at Kings College London and graduated with a first-class honours then went on to complete a PhD in Cell and Molecular Immunology at Imperial College London.

I began my career as a medical writer, but during that period (and in actual fact since my late teenage years), I had been struggling with my weight and hormonal imbalances and was going through endless cycles of restrictive diets. Fed up,  I resolved to overhaul my diet and lifestyle by making small, sustainable changes and found lasting success!

I began sharing healthy recipes online and when I was continuously being asked for nutrition advice, I decided to complete a master’s degree in Human Nutrition at St Mary’s University, Twickenham so I could help other women achieve the same success using my experience and the evidence-based methods I learned.  I’m currently completing a degree in Diabetes Care with the University of Warwick to provide the best care to clients with blood sugar imbalances.

I know the feeling of overwhelm and frustration from yo-yo dieting and generic nutrition advice. With my experience and education, I’m confident I can help you upgrade your diet, lose weight and lower your blood sugars.

My Guilty Pleasure