Flexitarian? Carnivore? What’s next after my plant-based/exclusive diet?

Flexitarian? Carnivore? What’s next after my plant-based/exclusive diet?

I ended my plant-based diet due to digestive issues. I detail the changes I am making to my diet to heal my gut and regain my health.

If you missed my live video and story on Instagram, I’m officially no longer eating a plant-based or plant-exclusive diet. You can read this blog post to find out why I chose to end that journey. I’m incredibly thankful for all the support (and criticism) I’ve received so far. The responses have been shocking and insightful.

I suspected that many other people were experiencing similar issues, but I was still astonished by the number of people who have been (and are still) unable to share their experience for fear of backlash from militant vegans. There is no point in going down that rabbit hole, so I’ll just say this – if you’re struggling, don’t feel bad about doing what you have to do for your health. If you’ve explored every reasonable option within a plant-based diet to fix the problem(s), you’re experiencing without avail, step outside the box. It is OKAY!

You’ve all been asking me what I plan to do next. After being so convinced that I was going to remain plant-based for the rest of my life and failing, I’m very wary about making bold, finite decisions about my diet or lifestyle. I cannot predict the future, and I don’t know how my body will react to food longterm. I know that I may need to alter my diet along the way. I’ve assured myself that adjustments neither make me fickle nor a failure. They simply mean that I’m adapting.

Life is neither static nor unchanging. With no individuality, there can be no change, no adaptation and, in an inherently changing world, any species unable to adapt is also doomed.” – Jean M. Auel

Health is vital when it comes to diet. Veganism opened my eyes to the horror of factory farming and the number of toxins we ingest when we consume ill-bred animals. While I don’t agree with some of the moral sentiments of veganism, I cannot erase the aspects I agree with, and I cannot continue to support industries that provide toxic food or oppress animals. As far as possible, I will buy only organic, ethically raised animal foods. I intend to include only seafood and eggs in my diet. I would love to remain pescetarian indefinitely, but as I said, I cannot predict the future. If it becomes necessary, I will add poultry and red meat to my intolerant

Besides being lactose-intolerant, dairy makes my skin extremely oily and causes painful acne. It is not in my best interest to include it in my diet. I digest plant-based dairy alternatives reasonably well, and since they’re fortified with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12, I’m confident I’ll be fine with them.

For the next six weeks, I plan to steer clear of cruciferous vegetables, legumes and the whole grains that irritate my gut. I will rely on seafood and eggs for protein and crowd my plate with the vegetables and grains that I digest with ease. Once I strengthen my gut, I will slowly start incorporating the foods I’ve excluded back into my diet. I eventually hope to eat entirely plant-based or vegetarian 4-5 days a week and include animal protein 1-2 days a week. This plan is subject to change; please don’t take it as gospel.

I will no longer update my vegan blog, but you’ll still be able to access the recipes on it. I will post all of my new recipes here. If you wish to follow along, you can subscribe for notifications further down this page. It is a bitter-sweet change, but I’m looking forward to growing through it.

If you’ve changed your diet recently, please share the changes you’ve made and how they have affected your healthy.

Thanks so much for reading and following along.



  1. Hala
    March 25, 2019 / 10:43 PM

    You’re brave and strong. I admire your honesty and courage to speak out. Veganism is not a religion and humans need to take care of themselves the way nature calls for them to do so. We are all different and our bodies function differently. People who judge should look inside themselves and take the beam out of their own eye. Diet doesn’t make a good human being. Kudos to you!!!

    • Somi Igbene
      March 26, 2019 / 2:51 PM

      Thank you so much! Veganism is indeed not a religion, but with every day that goes by, I’m starting to wonder if it has become one. I am so saddened by the fact that avid followers are not compassionate when someone expresses that they’ve become poorly from eating a vegan diet. There’s always a poor excuse or reason why the person failed. My health is way more important to me than animals…if that is too difficult to comprehend, that’s just too bad.

  2. Porsha Robertson
    March 27, 2019 / 4:06 PM

    Hi Somi. I commend you for sharing your journey with us on IG and through your website. You are truly an inspiration and I applaud you for “coming out” and telling your story on why you decided to come out of veganism. Yes, you are very brave and strong for doing so on social media. The Vegan community seems to be somewhat of a cult. They will unfollow or bash you for any little thing that is not vegan if you consider yourself vegan. We are not titles and should not associate ourselves with them. Our bodies are all different and react to different foods. There is not a one-size-fits-all diet. We all have to make personal decisions that benefits our own health…, be it eating mostly plant-based, following more of a vegetarian based eating or what have you. But, if you feel like having a vegan sausage or a pork sausage…, that is YOUR prerogative. KUDOS again to you Somi! I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

    • Somi Igbene
      March 30, 2019 / 1:45 PM

      Hi Porsha

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a positive comment on my blog. It’s been such a struggle coming to terms with the change in my diet and the vegan community or cult hasn’t made it any easier. I will continue to do what is right for my body and I pray for God’s grace. Thanks so much once again and many blessings to you and your family.

      Somi, x

  3. Evelyn
    April 26, 2019 / 7:47 PM

    Hi Somi
    I think you’ve been incredibly courageous in the face of all the potential ugliness of online life. Thank you for being an example in that, and in your openness about the issues. Hopefully this will make things easier for others also.
    It may help of you avoid the word vegan to describe how you used to eat and focus on language that emphasizes plants (plant-based, plant exclusive, whatevs). As you hint elsewhere, vegan is an ethical / moral / philosophical position with dietary implications, not actually a diet. It may redirect at least some vegans’ fire of they’re not dealing with an “ex-vegan”. Not remotely justifying bad, aggressive, rude or otherwise unpleasant behaviour! Just thinking out loud about how to protect yourself.
    Go well and in peace.

    • Somi Igbene
      May 3, 2019 / 12:12 PM

      Hi Evelyn

      Thank you so much for leaving such a supportive comment! I have been doing my best to avoid the word ‘vegan’ as I don’t completely agree with some of the ethics behind it. Stay blessed!

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