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Somi Igbene PhD ANutrMarch 5, 2019

Noughty Haircare is a vegan brand that I love because of their ‘clean’ formulations, affordability and effectiveness. In this post, I share how I use them in my haircare routine.

Am I correct in saying that diet is the first thing you try to change when you want to improve your lifestyle? It is, without a doubt, an excellent place to start because what you feed your body has a profound impact on how you feel and look. That said, what you put on your skin is just as (if not more) important as what you feed it. Your skin, after all, is your largest organ and it absorbs a lot of more chemicals (good and bad) that impact your well being.

Strangely enough, my skin and hair care products were far ahead in the plant-based game before my diet followed suit. I chose to use only natural, plant-based skin and hair care products when I stopped chemically processing my hair back in March 2011.

My decision was not based on ethics; it was merely because many products, especially those tailored towards ethnic communities were ladened with a tonne of unnecessary, toxic ingredients. Many brands have improved the ingredients in their products, but if you’re not careful and have no idea what to avoid or what to look for, you may still end up with products full of rubbish.

In a future post, I’ll detail the ingredients you should try to avoid in hair and skin care products.

Sunday is my pamper day aka the day I wash my hair and give myself a mini facial. I make my hair care products when I have enough time, but when I don’t, I buy them. Noughty haircare is one of the few brands that I love and trust. In addition to being affordable, their products are free from nasties and vegan. They’ve been recently awarded the leaping bunny stamp too!

They have a wide range of products, each of which are tailored to specific hair care needs. The ‘To The Rescue” range is my go-to because my dry, afro-textured hair needs ALL of the moisture it can get.

I usually start my haircare routine by parting my hair in sections. I spritz each section with water before finger detangling and then cleansing with the Moisture Boost Shampoo. For a sulphate-free shampoo, this suds up really well and cleans my hair without leaving it excessively dry.

I apply the Intense moisture deep treatment, cover my hair with a plastic cap and then wrap it in a towel or place a woolly hat over it and let the treatment sit for 30mins to an hour. The instructions say you only need to leave it for up to 20 minutes, but once again, for my afro-textured hair, the longer, the better. I love the way my hair feels after the deep treatment. My only gripe with this product is that it doesn’t contain any proteins. My hair is the healthiest when it gets a little protein at each wash. Protein keeps my hair healthy and significantly reduces the amount of breakage and shedding I experience.

Once I rinse out the deep treatment, I condition my hair again with the Moistures Boost rinse out conditioner, then allow my hair to air-dry until it is about 80% dry before adding the Intensive care leave-in conditioner. Now, this product is my absolute favourite! It has a lot of slip and does a fantastic job of keeping my hair moisturised for a few days. I always layer on a thick butter after this leave-in to keep the moisture in my hair longer before styling. During the week, I remoisturise my hair, first with the leave-in conditioner and then my hair butter.

The shampoo and rinse-0ut conditioner last up to four months, but I typically only get three uses out of the deep treatment. The leave-in lasts no longer than a few weeks because I use very generous quantities up to four times a week. I would recommend trying all of these products, but if you were going to try only one to start with, I would suggest getting the Intensive care leave-in.

Are you conscious about the products you put on your hair and skin? If so, what are your current favourite haircare brands?


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