Shade Sirch Beauty Box Review

Somi Igbene PhD ANutrFebruary 15, 2019

Here’s my honest review of Shade Sirch’s inaugural vegan beauty subscription box. 

Shade Sirch, a vegan beauty subscription box is the brainchild of Loye Olatubosun. She founded the business primarily to support beauty business owned by people of colour.

“As a vegan as well as someone who loves to educate myself on constantly living a healthy life, I understand the importance of knowing what’s in what you put on and, in your body. I started Shade Sirch to share the vast range of natural, vegan-friendly products that are made by amazing people of colour and can be used by everyone. I want to share my research with you, so you too can enter the world of discovering a variety of brands by people with varying shades of melanin and a huge dash of magic.”

As a woman of colour myself, I understand the limited visibility of vegan beauty black-owned beauty businesses, so I was very excited to receive her inaugural box.


What I love about the box

The box I received contained seven products in total and a booklet with more details about each product. There was at least one product targeted towards a different area of beauty. There was something for your hair, body, face, lips, and bath time. That showed that a lot of thought went into putting the box together, so I was quite pleased. I haven’t heard of any of the brands in the box before now, so Loye hit mark with showcasing new brands and their products!

I liked the Whipped Shea Souffle. It has a lovely scent, and it makes my skin very soft. I haven’t tried anything else in the box, but I am most excited about the Strength and Shine Shampoo cream from Nylah Naturals. The shampoo contains a minimal amount of chemicals, which I love. It also contains strengthening ingredients like pea protein, and it is free of drying sulphates. I have high hopes for it, and I hope it lives up to my expectations.

What could be improved

While I understand that many of these brands are small and may not have a lot of resources at their disposal, I feel the packaging lets some of the products down. At this moment, I don’t think that I’d be happy to pay £31.99 for the perceived quality of most of the products in the box. I’m sure the quality will improve over time, and I look forward to that.

Overall, I love the idea of this box and the direction it is going. I look forward to learning about new ethnic brands and supporting their growth as much as I can.  You can learn more about Shade Sirch here.

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