low glycemic

  • Pasta, Kale & Mushrooms 

    Somi Igbene PhD ANutr June 2, 2022

    A delicious low-glycaemic vegan recipe using kitchen staples – pasta, kale and mushrooms. Enjoy like this or add baked tofu for a protein boost. Most people believe they can’t eat pasta with high blood sugar levels, but this is false. Ironically, pasta has a much lower glycaemic index than other popular starchy foods like potatoes and rice. Pasta’s glycaemic index is even lower if you cook it al dente (to…

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  • Vegan Quinoa, Tofu and Spinach Buddha Bowl

    Somi Igbene PhD ANutr March 12, 2022

    This carefully balanced vegan Buddha bowl with quinoa, tofu, red kidney beans, and spinach makes a nourishing lunch or dinner. Its low glycaemic index is perfect for maintaining blood sugar balance in prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.   Although considered a grain, quinoa is technically a seed. It comes in many varieties, red, purple, black, orange, yellow and pink, but yellow or white is the most popular. Quinoa is a good source of minerals,…

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