Finally, a tasty granola range from Kelloggs that is free of added sugar!

Somi Igbene PhD ANutrMarch 16, 2019

My review of the new plant-based no added sugar and sweetener granola range from W.K.Kellogg. Spoiler: It is truly delicious!

Granola has always been my Achilles heel; I enjoy it to a fault. It doesn’t sound like a big deal until I tell you that I usually eat about four to five servings in one sitting and then polish off the rest of the box either at another meal the same day or the following day if I am lucky.

Can you see why this is a bit of an issue?

Food guilt is not healthy, but neither is eating copious amounts of sugar in one sitting. I avoid buying or making granola too often because my self-control around it is pathetic.

Last month, I discovered that Kellogg’s had added a brand new plant-based {vegan} cereal range that includes a selection of granola without added sugar or sweeteners. I was a bit sceptical about the range because big brands often promise the earth when marketing their products, but once you purchase the product, you realise that the propaganda is a gimmick.

This time, however, I was wrong.

There are four no-added sugar/sweetener granola flavours available at the moment. They include:

  • Apricot & Pumpkin seed
  • Cashew, Coconut & Almond
  • Cocoa & Hazelnut
  • Simply granola

I have only tried the cashew, coconut & almond and cocoa & hazelnut flavours so far. The ingredients in the cashew, coconut & almond flavour include:

Wholegrain Barley flakes (28%), Oats (24%), Whole Rye (14%), Wheat Flour, Oat Flour, Date Paste (15%), Sunflower Oil, Nuts {Cashew, Almonds} (5%), Banana Puree, Coconut (2%), Natural Flavourings, Barley Malt Extract, Salt

The ingredients in the cocoa & hazelnut flavour include:

Wholegrain Cereals (64%) (Barley, Oats, Rye), Date Paste, Sunflower oil, Hazelnuts (5%), Wheat Flour, Cocoa Mass (2.5%), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (1.5%), Natural Flavourings, Salt, Barley Malt Extract.

As you can see, there are no refined sugars in it. You’d typically see sugar displayed in the ingredient list as cane sugar or disguised as glucose syrup, fructose, oligofructose, molasses, honey or caramel syrup. While none of the common artificial sweeteners like xylitol, maltodextrin or aspartame is present, barley malt extract is an artificial sweetener.

However, it is the last ingredient on the list, and so the amount used may not be enough to add any significant sweetness to the product. I believe Kelloggs use it either as a flavour enhancer or more likely as an antioxidant.

The sweetness in this range comes from date paste and/or banana puree. The granola itself does not taste sweet at all, but it is still surprisingly delicious. The great thing about this range is that the recommended serving size (45g) satisfies me. I don’t have the urge to eat multiple servings in one go. I figured that the reason I eat so much of the other types of granola is because of the high sugar content.

How did I not know that out sooner?

The range is fortified with magnesium to reduce tiredness and fatigue. It doesn’t contain vitamin D, B12, calcium or the other micronutrients Kellogg’s typically fortify their cereals with. I presume it is because they are usually derived from non-vegan sources.

If you rely on cereal for some of these nutrients, particularly vitamins B12 and D, I’ll recommend eating your granola with a fortified plant-based yoghurt or milk. I always enjoy my granola with yoghurt, fruit and nuts or seeds for maximum nutrition and enjoyment.

I’d highly recommend this granola range if you’re trying to reduce the amount of sugar you consume or if like me, you tend to overeat granola. I intend to try the apricot and pumpkin seed flavour next.

You can find the range at most major retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s.

Have you tried this range? If so, are you fan?


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